MIWAFF promotes all types of film, whether it is indie or studio based. Our mission is to unite filmmakers and artists in a competitive atmosphere by giving out prestigious Wreath Awards under a democratic process of popular vote. Our Festival recruits artists involved in film


The Award Categories are: Best Director,  2020 Audience Choice, Rising Filmmaker, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Music and Best Cinematography.


Festival FAQ


What does my film being selected entail?

In order to be selected officially in our Festival, you need at least 1 Wreath Award nomination.

How are Wreath Award Winners decided?

For each win, one must obtain a simple majority (50% + 1) of the vote by the Jury, which is done by secret ballot. If we fail to meet that majority, another round of revoting is called till there is a winner.

What kinds of films are you looking for?

All types of films are welcome—features, shorts, fiction, documentary, etc. As for genre, MIWAFF has no preferences and programs from all genres of film. 

When can I send in an entry to be considered for the Montreal International Wreath Awards Film Festival?

MIWAFF is accepting submissions through August 18th, 2019. We cannot accept any submissions after that date.

How and where do I submit?

You can submit in one of two ways: through Withoutabox or FilmFreeway. We do not accept submissions that are directly emailed to us.

If I submit, what are my film’s chances of being selected?

In 2018, our selection rate was 79%. So what's stopping you from submitting?

Will someone actually view my submission?

Absolutely. We take the screening process extremely seriously. Members of our Jury watch every film, which is considered and voted on by the Jury.

Do you offer any waivers or discounts on entry fees?

We only offer a small number of fee waivers each year, to special cases like Canadian films or alumni filmmakers. However, these are granted on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, MIWAFF incentivizes filmmakers to submit early. The earlier you submit, the more inexpensive the submission price.

Do you have a special category for films made by youth?

No. But MIWAFF does a Rising Filmmaker category for first-time directors.

My film was completed last year. Is it still eligible?

It must be made after August 1st, 2018, and before August 18th, 2019. 

Does MIWAFF consider works-in-progress?

Yes, we often consider films for selection that aren’t 100% complete, especially cases where films are picture-locked but awaiting final color and/or sound. If you’re confident that your film will shine even with incomplete or missing elements, then submit away! 

Is it possible to get feedback on my film once it has been screened?

No, since the Jury comprises of 15 members so it would be 15 differing opinions. Also, the Jury has discretion over the reasoning behind its nominees and winners.

Does my film have to be a world premiere?


Is my film still eligible if it’s available online?


When will I find out if my film has been selected to screen in the festival?

Our target notification date is September 5th, 2019. 

If accepted, will MIWAFF offer a screening fee for my film?

No, we do not offer any screening fees for films that screen during MIWAFF. 

If my film is accepted, what do I get in terms of hospitality from the festival?

MIWAFF does not offer accommodation to nominated filmmakers. Instead, we encourage them to have representation of their film present!

Are there any awards offered by the festival to filmmakers?

Did you check our festival name? We give out our prestigious Wreath Awards every year. Check them out in our photo galleries!

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