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2015 MIWAFF Wreath Award Nominees


Best Music

Aurelien Bianco & Celia Triplet-Two Lines

David Hadjadj-Super Sad

James Rogers-The Architect of Downfall

Rajesh Naroth-Max

Thierry Simard-The Sociopath’s Guild


Best Documentary

Moth Vitals

Living in the Belly of the Bear

Project Shattered Silence


Best Short Film

An Intrinsic Moral Evil

For Sarah’s Love

Human Mirror


Secrets & Lies

Soul Breaker

Starving Artists

The Last Sirrocco


Best Cinematography

Charlotte Menville-Victor

Dennis Garnier-Super Sad

Fabio Iascone-The Last Sirocco

Joshua Hansen-The Sociopath’s Guild

Mark Szilbereisz-The Architect of Downfall

Arnaud Perraudin-Two Lines

David Thockmorton-Normandy is my Name

Vincent Valentin-Total Awesome Viking Power


Best Actor in a Feature Film

Ash Andre Fidelia-The Architect of Downfall

Chris Jarry-The Architect of Downfall

Eddy Kara-The Sociopath’s Guild

Jason Kettle-The Architect of Downfall

Rigas Bountouris-The Sociopath’s Guild

Romain Aplebaum-Super Sad

Sam Jamous-The Sociopath’s Guild


Best Actress in a Feature Film

Ashley Perreault-The Architect of Downfall

Cory Cole-Normandy is my Name

Emma De Caunes-Super Sad

Melissa Steele-Normandy is my Name

Tara Bissett-The Sociopath’s Guild

Best Director

Eddy Kara-The Sociopath’s Guild

Jim Russell-Normandy is my Name

Stephanie Kalfon-Super Sad

Vincent Simoneau-The Architect of Downfall

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